Nature Toy Finds Eco-Friendly Ways to Entertain Kids this Summer

"ecological toys chalk"Let kids get outdoors and color driveways and sidewalks with Nature Toy’s eco-friendly chalk.

With the summer vacation from school fast approaching, many parents are trying to find ways to entertain their kids during the long break.  Which means those eco-friendly parents out there are trying to find environmentally and kid-friendly toys for their kids to play with this summer.  Perhaps in response to an obvious need, Nature Toy (an Israeli-based company founded in 2010) has started to collect a range of eco-friendly and natural toys in one place and made it easier on concerned parents.  Nature Toy claims that it was born “out of the need of giving our children a world of imagination and toys, based on natural and pleasant materials – in contrary to the ‘world of plastic’ of our days.”

The company currently offers three lines of products: fabric figures, natural crayons (including the all natural pigment sidewalk chalk pictured above), and soft toys.

"citrus peel paper book"Nature Toy hopes to respond to the ever-increasing prevalence of plastic toys by creating and marketing products that pose no health risk to children and which are bio-degradable or reusable.

“At early childhood,” Nature Toy says, “there is great importance to using the senses.  Playing with plastic reduces and harms the use of senses as it feels, smells, and tastes the same all the time.  Our products intend to develop as much as possible the sensory-motor stage, using soft toys made of various fabrics and textures and weights.”

Nature Toy’s Soft Toy line is made from all natural materials, as is the company’s line of Fabric Figures.  The natural crayons sold by Nature Toy are made from 100% natural ingredients and contain no paraffin wax, artificial colorants, or other toxic materials.

And the coloring paper that comes with the crayons?  That’s made out of citrus peel paper, and if it sounds like that may be safe enough to put in your kids’ mouths then that’s kind of the point.

: Nature Toy

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