International Environment Science Project Olympiad In Turkey Now On


Who knew that for the last 16 years Istanbul has been host to the International Environment Project Olympiad? According to Todays Zaman an international jury has selected 101 projects from 41 countries to compete in the final competition of the 16th International Environmental Project Olympics in Istanbul between June 1 and 4.

Tying in with World Environment Week, participating countries from the Middle East region include Turkey, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Iraq, Egypt, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Jordan, and Yemen.

Record numbers of participants will take part in this year’s event and include projects that will reduce carbon emissions, promote energy efficiency and conservation.

One hundred and one projects selected by the international jury in 41 countries will compete in the Olympics, with the the award ceremony to be held at the Çemberlitaş Culture Center.

According to the ClickGreen blog: “This year’s projects include an initiative from Vietnam to produce soy yoghurt, and an exercise machine that utilises the energy generated by its use to produce hydrogen. The latter’s two German inventors, Andre Heinrichs and Florian Trost, demonstrated their creation at the opening ceremony.

All sound ambitious. Can’t wait to hear about the winning projects. 


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