What is digital sustainability?

Digital sustainability refers to the use of digital technologies that can have a positive impact on the environment. While most startup founders just want to cut a fast back, like those in advertising, the trend has just started with the success rate for digital sustainability initiatives sitting at only 4%. The number is expected to […]


Frankincense resin could slow Covid impact

Plants from the past and used in the Bible may help us against modern ailments. Research studies to produce medicines capable of fighting COVID-19 from frankincense trees in Oman are being jointly undertaken by the University of Nizwa in Oman and the University of Oxford in England


When biopsies were so 2021

Invasive biopsies can determine if a tumor is cancerous, when blood tests won't do. But going in and cutting up a cancer tumor, with a skin like an orange often spreads the cancer. A new test might eliminate biopsies forever.