Qatar and the UK Research On Recycling Plastic Waste


Qatar, one of the largest polymer-producing countries in the Middle East region has new ambitions for recycling its plastic waste. Qatar University has paired up with The University of Sheffield, UK, to launch a new centre for the production of environmentally-friendly materials for local industries.

Called the Polymer Centre, according to the Sheffield Telegraph it will focus on recycling plastic waste in Qatar and will bring researchers from the two countries together for optimizing the mechanical properties of blends from plastic waste.

Dr Alma Hodzic, a senior lecturer at the University of Sheffield’s Department of Mechanical Engineering, said: “The research carried out at the Centre will focus on recycling polymer waste in Qatar. The main target is to optimise the plastic products to withstand the high temperature prevalent here.”

::Sheffield Telegraph [image via inhabitat]

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2 thoughts on “Qatar and the UK Research On Recycling Plastic Waste”

  1. Zahid Kassimally says:

    I would like to know source and availability of USED PET BOTTLES in Qatar.
    Can someone email me the quantity available and how to collect them.

  2. jazeer says:

    plastic waste means not only pet bottles but also covers.think it and try to recycle it

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