Going For The "Green" In Gold Jewelry


Gold has always fascinated mankind with its beauty and its durability. An Israeli artisan named David Weitzman is now involved in turning this precious metal, as well as silver and other metals into beautiful talisman and amulet pieces that promote environmental awareness as well as spiritual ties to Mother Earth.

Weitzman, through his Ka Gold Jewelry website has embarked on a campaign to help promote more awareness to environmental problems that people on this planet are all very much involved in.

Weitzman so much believes in the preserving our natural environment that all of the proceeds of a special Mother Earth pendent he has created are being donated to several environmental organizations including EcoEarth and Nature.org.

“This eco jewelry Mother Earth design was created to strengthen the tie between human beings and the Earth,” says Weitzman. “Many of our natural resources are now being put at great risk. We see rapid climatic changes these days and our Earth’s resources are being destroyed by the minute. Hence, there’s a need for us to work together and awaken each other’s appreciation for nature and change.”

Weitzman’s unique jewelry and amulet designs have long been associated with various aspects of spirituality and contact with the forces of both the spiritual and natural worlds.

He became noted in the later 1990’s for his Merkaba pendant which is derived from the ancient Merkaba or “heavenly chariot” symbol used by the ancient Egyptians, Israelites and other peoples.

In regards to his Mother Earth design Weitzman believes that by wearing this pendant a person will be constantly reminded of the need to devote more effort into helping to solve the earth’s environmental problems, including helping to raise needed funds for ecological projects.

While Mr. Weitzman’s idea is a very good one, it might be noted here that the use of gold and other metals to manufacture these pendants has been the subject of controversy due to the “hard rock mining” methods used to extract the gold and silver ore from natural rock formations in countries such as Australia, South Africa, Canada, Russia, and other locations.

These mining methods have included the use of such poisonous chemical compounds such as cyanide to “flush” the metals from the formations in which they are found. These chemical compounds cause considerable environmental damage, and eventually reach ground water aquifers that are used as sources of fresh drinking water.

There is no doubt that Mr. Weitzman’s aim and intentions concerning his pendants are completely sincere and honorable. It might be appropriate for him, however, to do some checking as to the source of the gold and other metals he uses for his designs, and that they do not come from mining operations involving the use of cyanide flushing and other such methods to extract them. There is no mention of this on a recent press release he sent out.

If they are not, then he can truly say that his efforts are 100% in support of a better world environment.

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14 thoughts on “Going For The "Green" In Gold Jewelry”

  1. marchi says:

    Even if the mining is done with utmost care or if the metals are recycled, there is still the issue of what it takes to make jewelry using gold and silver in the studio. The chemical processes and waste are considerable. There is also a direct personal risk taken by the artist working in a jewelry studio.

  2. bumblesea says:

    love his work.. especially the silver consciousness charm.

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