"Project Interchange" Invites Europe’s Green Makers, Movers and Shakers To Go On “Tour” in Israel

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From September 20-27, a delegation of European environmental journalists, policy makers (ie World Bank and EU parliament), energy and climate change specialists, and activism leaders are coming to the Middle East to explore Israel’s environmental issues, policies, and clean technology.

The whirlwind tour will take these leaders to Hiria (Tel Aviv’s rehabilitating garbage dump); they will visit the renewable energy company Ormat, see solar technology in action, and will learn about Dead Sea issues at the Dead Sea. They will essentially experience different shades of “green” in Israel and discuss and debate with their Israeli counterparts along the way.

This trip, sponsored by the Washington-based Project Interchange gives leaders from international communities, an opportunity to understand Israel’s complicated reality through a “green” lens.

Israeli-based foreign and local journalists/bloggers are invited to attend the “by-invitation only” seminars and outings with the delegates and their Israeli hosts. The trip is an excellent opportunity if you are interested in obtaining the essential background and contacts for reporting on Israel’s “green” issues, a topic much in demand in newspapers and magazines around the world. The Jewish perspective on the environment will also be explored, as well as a Muslim one.

A Green Prophet is involved in promoting the eye-opening event, and will be posting more as events unfold. Contact us [email protected], if you are a journalist who would like an invitation to meet the delegates and “go on tour” with them.

::Project Interchange

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  8. HEy mOVe! says:

    so is there any news about what happened at the conference?

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