Shari Arison Officially Launches Water Services Company Miya

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Shari Arison, Israel’s wealthiest citizen, took advantage of the International Water Congress in Vienna to formally announce Miya. The new company aims to make a profit on cutting back water losses.

Miya says one third of the world’s drinking water is lost through leaky pipes. CEO Booky Oren, a former chair of Israel’s national water utility Mekorot, said by patching even just half the leaks an additional 130 million people could have clean water.

Oren said 1.4 billion people already lack adequate drinking water and that with population growth and urbanization there will be a 40 percent increase in demand by 2025. He said “Miya is the first global company to offer an unparalleled range of solutions, based on innovative technological solutions.”

The company intends to use several technologies in unison to focus on pressure management, active leakage detection and repair, and selective pipe replacement. This should prove cost efficient to municipalities and utilities that currently are more likely opt for massive infrastructure replacement.

The $100 million Arison Holdings Ltd. has invested in forming Miya is just the beginning. Arison Holdings and Miya Chairman Arison told Bloomberg she wants to “buy up the know-how and the technology worldwide.” Arison has already acquired six water management companies in the process of creating Miya, which she said “will provide solutions for fully utilizing the Earth’s abundance of water.” As this prior prophecy explains, Miya may benefit from the fact that major markets including China already recognize Israel’s expertise in the field.

A company press release described Miya’s subsidiaries as such:

Dorot — a leading developer, manufacturer, and marketer of a wide range of superior pressure control valves distributed in over 70 countries; Switzerland-based GUTERMANN, which provides major water utilities with data acquisition and leak location equipment; Croatian-based IMGD, a pioneer and leader in water loss management in the Balkans; Romiya, a dedicated solutions provider for the Romanian market, providing turnkey water loss management solutions; Veritec Consulting, a recognized North American pioneer in water loss that has successfully designed and implemented some of the largest water loss reduction programs in Canada; WRP, a specialist international engineering consultancy in the fields of water resource planning and management, conservation, and environmental management active mainly in South Africa and Australia; and other recognized international experts who round out the company’s global coverage.”

Chairman Arison said Miya’s launch is a significant demonstration “that through business and philanthropy, it is possible to make positive changes on a global level.” 


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