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billsMany companies now offer to send a bill via email instead of it’s snail contemporary. Call your bank, phone company and others to see if you can make the switch. You’ll be surprised, some offer discounts and insentives to make the switch! In Israel, Orange now offers such benefits.

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2 thoughts on “Go Digital”

  1. Jared — I think Jack keeps the tips general, because we have a large international following… if we had to make a list, it would be very very long… 🙂

  2. Jared says:

    Great tip, Jack, but why not make a list of the major companies who do so, so we can support them, and maybe even note those who do not, so we can pressure them to get with it. I now receive e-bills from Bezeq, Cellcom, Netvision 013, and Leumi Card. I also do all my banking on-line and paperless with Bank Discount. Sadly, the Electric Company, Gihon, Dor Gas, and the Jerusalem Municipality (!), still insist on sending paper through the post office. Any others out there?

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