Jerusalem Environment & Nature Conference: 18/19 May

Green Prophet today heard about an interesting environmental conference we thought readers would like advance warning of: the Jerusalem Environment & Nature Conference, to be held at the capital’s Binyanei HaUma Conference Centre, on May 18-19. The conference features 6 sessions over the 2 days, all exploring the perspective of what has been achieved here within 60 years, and what needs to be addressed (it’s a long uphill battle, folks…).

Specific sessions explore the hot topic of water (see a Green Prophet water-related post here), education (see a Green Prophet education-related post here), and ‘an urban vision – what is a City’s Nature?’. This session is scheduled to include the Mayors of Jerusalem, Haifa, Rishon LeTzion and Rahat, and could be illuminating.

The conference will be packed (allegedly) with MK’s, mayoral hopefuls, heads of NGO’s, worthy professors, scientists, CEO’s of environmental start-ups, and hopefully many many concerned nature-loving citizens.

Several environmental films are promised, to lighten, or heighten, the load. Green Prophets will surely be there, baracking MK’s in corners and ensuring they live up to their promises to legislate Israel a greener land.

Me – jaded …. no way! See you there.

Contact/registration details: Rita Levy (T) 03 6172016  (E) [email protected]


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3 thoughts on “Jerusalem Environment & Nature Conference: 18/19 May”

  1. michelle4jerusalem says:

    SPNI is doing this every year now. Maybe the organizers would be happy to let Green Prophet have some table space. The 2009 event I think already happened, but if you call the EPD and leave a message for Nir Pappay, you might get on the invite list for that. I found the 2008 thing really boring, as people did not really give the politicians a very hard time. Maybe weren’t given enough chance to do so? There should have been a long Q&A session after the Mayors’ Panel, but the big egos all spoke so long they ran out of time. Talking about their imaginary plans for bike paths, etc. But…who knows. Maybe we’ll see some in Jerusalem with Ms. TSUR in charge!

  2. How about we organise a Green Prophet ‘presence’ there – a stall, or cards with our logo on, or something …. GP T-shirts etc etc???

  3. Jared says:

    James, thank you for this important heads up! We should all come out in force, to ensure that any speakers with competing loyalties (politicians, business people, etc.) will be kept on track and in check. If anyone can figure out how volunteers and activists might receive a discount on the (hefty) participation fee, please share!

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