Vertigo Dancers Get Their Groove On in an Eco-Arts Village

On the surface, arts and ecology don’t seem to intersect, yet some artists have discovered a connection between our relationship with the earth and their creative endeavors. With Robert Hass, we explored the relationship between poetry and the environment.

Now Vertigo Dance Company, one of Israel’s best-known modern dance companies, is exploring the relationship between the environment and the world of dance. The dance company is creating an “Eco-Arts Village” in Ella Valley, a spot of Israeli countryside.

Vertigo describes their undertaking as an “intentional community,” built by a partnership of artists and activists. Programs and activities that deal with the arts and environment will be par for the course, and the idea seems to be to provide a gathering place for artists who want to make a difference to the environment.

The project will be built according to the standards of sustainable architecture.

What I’m wondering is if there are nightly dances around a campfire. If nothing else, that sounds like fun, and a good way to learn some moves from professionals.

:: EcoArt Village Website (Hebrew)
::See video
:: PDF (English)

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