A Quick Guide To Travelling By Bike in the Middle East

You can cycle through the Middle East, with some advance planning: ie burka coverings for women going through Saudi Arabia, and special VISAs for Syria. Image via Tyson Manering while cycling through Jordan. Bicycle touring enthusiasts interested in going on biking tours of the Middle East are now discovering that this sport is not just […]

Stephen Colbert on Israel’s National Bird

When Israel declared its new national bird, the hoopoe, Green Prophet was on the story. Little did we know that so was American fake newscaster Stephen Colbert, complete with Hebrew pronunciation. “Congratulations, Israel. Just as America soars like the might eagle, may you emulate the noble long-billed hoopoe by squirting fecal matter at intruders,” says […]


Desert Solitaire by Edward Abbey

Special guest desert dwelling activist and academic Lucy Michaels, gets to the heart of the matter with a classic eco text: “The burnt cliffs and lonely skies … all that which lies beyond the end of roads:” From Desert Solitaire and why Israel’s deserts need their own Edward Abbey. In the late 1950’s, a young […]


Katan Adventures Puts the EcoloJEWcal (and Ecological) in Travel

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9WqjOn1sxQw[/youtube] For those of you out there who may have been planning an eco tourist trip to Israel but have… ahem… postponed your plans for the time being, don’t cancel all of your vacation plans just yet.  Katan Adventures, a New York based travel company, might be able to provide help planning an alternative trip […]


Israeli Eco Tourism Welcomes the Yurt

If you don’t know what a yurt is, have no fear.  Most people don’t (including yours truly).  But yurts, with their portability, suitability for nature trips, and simple low-tech structures are highly suitable for eco-tourism – so they definitely deserve our attention.  And it certainly is exciting that yurts are entering the Israeli tourism scene. […]


Leave No Trace: Ecologically Responsible Hiking

It’s September already and officially the end of the summer (not that you would notice by the still-scorching Middle Eastern climate). As the temperature begins to cool down (slightly), the next couple of months offer the ideal time to hit one of the many hiking trails, forests, or natural springs in Israel. But sometimes enjoying […]