Book Review: I’m With the Bears

Pauline Masurel reviews a collection of literary and science fiction stories by world renowned authors that imagine the affects of climate change. Bill McKibben was arrested in August this year while protesting against TransCanada’s proposed plans to build a pipeline that would carry oil from the Alberta tar sands to Texas. McKibben has written:  “This […]


Alanna Mitchell Plunges Deeply In 'Seasick'

Alanna Mitchell’s new book, ‘Seasick‘ encompasses two and a half years of aquatic research over five continents. She has literally gone to the oceans depths to see and report upon the hidden ecological crisis of the global ocean. Reading it, a reader becomes profoundly aware of the oceans breadth, width and depth. Salient facts leap […]


Scientist, Environmentalist and Eco-Prophet James Lovelock Issues A Final Warning in 'The Vanishing Face of Gaia'

“We became the Earth’s infection a long and uncertain time ago”: James Lovelock is perhaps the world’s best-known independent scientist; he has published a new book, The Vanishing Face of Gaia: A Final Warning. Lovelock has served humanity and the planet well by inventing a device (the ECD – Electron Capture Detector), which detected the […]