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A group of young Jewish ecologists and spiritual teachers are creating a 3-day virtual workshop, starting Sunday. You will get 20 workshops for $15. 

It all started a few weeks ago with one thought. Paz Faigenbaum, top right, was stuck at home processing the shock that we are on lockdown and no one can leave their houses. He suddenly thought, there has never been a more relevant time to teach people exactly the skills he specializes in. For the last 18 years, he’s been studying and teaching Jewish based meditation, permaculture (growing your own food), medicine making and Feldenkrais, awareness through body movement.

He decided to build a 3-day workshop, in real-time on Zoom, so people could could connect to all the human needs we feel in isolation, but together, with spiritual guides and teachers. The 20 workshops for $15, will all happen real time, Israel time, using Zoom. Start to get used to the time change this weekend if you are in the United States.

“We can’t meet in person. We can’t go out for dinner. We can’t even pray in large groups. But we can still connect and build community – that’s the power of the human spirit,” says Faigenbaum.

He tells Green Prophet he feels very strongly about sharing these skills with the world, but  that it’s imperative now more than ever to redesign our lives from within our own homes. We need to become more resilient as individuals, communities both emotionally and practically.

“As I was musing over the drastic changes in the world,” he tells Green Prophet, “I was in conversation with two friends who were also thinking how to be of service to the community. Raphi Danan, a dear friend that recently launched Lokali, a community based platform to create intimacy within communities, to empower a collective economy in Tel Aviv but not exclusively and Raizel Druxman, a social entrepreneur, community builder and 3 Principles Therapist.

“It didn’t take long for us to come up with our vision: to host a 3-day virtual retreat that will cultivate connection, provide life skills and create the space that will foster insights for emotional, spiritual and physical transformation.”

Urban Farming from Home? 

Especially during corona times, Faigenbaum explains, we are all seeking connection, ways to stay grounded and to create a healthy, resilient lifestyle. “Our team is really moved by the unique opportunity we have now to travel beyond physical boundaries and virtually build an intimate community. We are inviting the wider community to join an interactive 3-Day virtual retreat as we move from Nisan, the month of personal and collective freedom, into Iyar, the [Jewish] month of healing,” he says.

The Jewish Brad Pitt?

“We are always free to heal, but between Pesach and Shavuot there is a special transformative energy to tap into. We can break free of our old beliefs, fears and insecurities, and find a new lens. It’s through these fresh eyes that we can start healing ourselves and our relationships, and create lasting changes in our lives,” says Faigenbaum.

The 3-day workshops include:

  • Jewish meditation

  • Feldenkrais – Awareness through body movement and aligning oneself

  • Urban Jewish Farming growing food in small space at home

  • Accessing the wild edibles and medicine

  • Fermentation and the food security on a communal level

  • Interactive sharing and sacred song

Teachers include, Raizel Druxman, Paz Faigenbaum, Rabba Dr. Melanie Landau, Rabbi Pesach Stadlin, Safira Klein, Raphi Dana. The effort is a collaborative one: FIG Food Integrated Gardens,  Lokali and Raizel Druxman, and generously subsidized by Moishe House.

Registration is closed. The event is over. Hope you enjoyed it or are inspired to start your own.

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