Dream sales job in sunny solar open in Dubai

Ever see the video Follow the Frog? We posted it below so you can have a good laugh before you go out and embark on a poor career choice as you save the world. While the video does an excellent job of branding products for the Rainforest Alliance Certified mark, it does a less good job of conveying the real jobs that are available to you that can and will make an impact in changing the world. Like the jobs in the solar industry; like the jobs available in the Middle East waiting to be filled by skilled people like you. The job we offer below does require some years of experience, there is no time like the present in building your experience toward the direction of the sun.

Consider working in Dubai for world-changing solar energy projects: Beresford Wilson & Partners is looking for a solar sales executive to run its mission of creating energy efficient solar energy installations in the Middle East. Salaries to live in Dubai will be competitive, and it’s a great way to secure a job in an industry that is only growing steeply upward. You will need to have some experience in the industry and some experience already working in the United Arab Emirates.

Not long ago Dubai was relatively undeveloped. Today it has dreams of bringing on the best and most novel sustainability solutions for the region, stewarding them in and implementing them across the entire United Arab Emirates. Foreigners are pretty free to live their own lives, and there are large communities of English-speakers and expats from your country in town so you won’t feel lonely as you adjust to the new culture which you can be a part of shaping.

dubai solar energy plant

The company is looking for a key Account Manager to join their growing sales team. And your job will be to develop the solar energy market in the United Arab Emirates and Jordan.

Jordan is very much in need of renewable energy. With ample sun, it is still one of the poorest countries in the world, and new energy initiatives can jumpstart ambitious projects the nation has in areas like water security. Read about Solar Mamas for some grassroots background. And see this project on hydroponics.

Solar panels give energy to the Jordanian palace

The sales job will involve promoting and selling products related to solar inverters. Inverters are key for increasing efficiency and output of solar panels and installations. Even if you are yet to be experienced in solar, it’s an industry that is easy to learn, and easy to fall in love with.  The company is also working closely with the SHAMS initiative in Abu Dhabi. It is one of the world’s largest solar concentration plants, and it is diversifying the UAE’s Energy Portfolio.

If you want the sales job you will need:

  • 5+ years working in the UAE with a Solar Manufacturer
  • Proven sales record
  • Fantastic market knowledge
  • Extensive network with EPC, Developers, Engineering Consultants, ETC


We all want to see a world move away from oil. And no better place to make your impact than in the Middle East, a region still so reliant on the power of oil.

Now watch the video below and have a laugh.

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