Sad and Abused Jerusalem Camel Caught on Film Again

jerusalem camel abuse caught again
Thanks to readers like this one, we are able to document further abuses of a Jerusalem camel. Image by Rimonah Traub

Last week Green Prophet’s Maurice spotted an abused camel used for tourist rides in Jerusalem. Chained to a pole to walk around in its own faeces, his article led to a bigger feature story in a local Israeli paper Maariv (links to Hebrew version of story). He wasn’t the only local to spot the camel. A reader sends us this after seeing the story:

“Regarding the abused camel on Mount Olives, I have photographed the same camel over the past few years, the last shot I got of him, he had sores on his face, was frothing at the mouth and looked thin and neglected. I believe that this is really one very neglected and abused camel,” writes Rimonah Traub, an amateur photographer who runs the photoblog website Israel Camera Focus.

The next step is to know what the local animal authorities are going to do to help this abused creature.

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4 thoughts on “Sad and Abused Jerusalem Camel Caught on Film Again”

  1. Koby says:

    Yes, the authorities will get right on this after they deal with the daily riots literally withing shouting distance of where this camel is located. About 5 meters from where the picture were taken countless graves are vandalized everyday with almost no police protection but they will get right on this questionable (Ive seen the camel coutnless times and it doesnt look any different than the semi-wild camels in the area)camel situation.

    1. What are the riots about?

  2. eli says:

    ok not that this abuse doesnt upset me, but with rockets falling all over the south. lets get our priorities in order people

    1. I think actions need to be done in parallel. People who work in the government against animal abuse certainly don’t work in security against rocket fire.

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