Jerusalem Camel Abuse Caught on Camera

camel abuseCold, wet and utterly miserable, this is no “dancing camel”

Regular Green Prophet readers have surely seen our articles on animal cruelty and abuse. They range from cruelty toward circus animals, to abuse towards animals in private and public zoos.   Cases of wild animals like cheetahs and baby tigers being kept as pets by jaded wealthy people in various locations, including the Arab Gulf have also been widely reported. These are occurrences that happen all too frequently, unfortunately, and despite concerted efforts by animal rights activists and various public awareness groups, the practice of abusing, torturing, and killing both wild and domestic animals continues unabated all over the Middle East. Even in Israel, where animal rights laws are very advanced. On a recent trip to Jerusalem I found an abused camel, tied to an electric pole.

jerusalam camel abuseIf I’m cold and wet, how must this guy feel?

A more recent sad story of animal cruelty occurred just recently when my wife and I went to Jerusalem with another couple in the hope of seeing snow there during an unusual spate of cold rainy weather. We arrived in the Holy City on a very cold and blustery Saturday; and although no snow was anywhere to be seen, the temperature hovered around 4 degrees Celsius, with strong winds, intermittent rain showers and dense fog.

Upon arriving at the top of the well known observation point on Jerusalem’s Mt. of Olives, the cold winds were blowing at more than 30 knots and rain mixed with sleet was blowing into our faces from the northwest. Except for a border police patrol vehicle parked at the far end of the observation point parking lot, the four of us were virtually alone to take in the panoramic view of the Old City below us; alone except for a camel that on warm and sunny days is available by his Bedouin owner for tourists and other visitors to be photographed on as a souvenir of their visit. On this particular day, however, there were no visitors, except for ourselves, and even the unfortunate camel’s owner was nowhere to be seen.

The poor beast was hobbled by a chain of which one end was connected to its mouth and nose and the other end to a metal post. There was no food or water set out for the beast, and the place it was standing in was very dirty, containing trash that was mixed with its own droppings. Now camels are supposed to be be very durable and persevering animals that can go for days without eating or drinking. They are also said to be able to withstand all kinds of extreme climate and weather conditions; especially those found in desert regions like the Sahara in North Africa and those on the Arabian Peninsula as well.

Despite these virtues, this poor member of the Dromedary camel species  was obviously not enjoying being hobbled there in such inclement weather.  We asked one of the border policemen about the whereabouts of the camel’s owner and were brusquely told to mind our own business,  adding that this camel doesn’t seem to mind being there. The cops said that the camel’s owner would return later to fetch him, but I wonder if this was true.

Seeing this poor beast hobbled there by a chain tied to its mouth and nose was surely a sad reminder that animal abuse and cruelty goes on, and will continue to do so.

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7 thoughts on “Jerusalem Camel Abuse Caught on Camera”

  1. Anthony says:

    …or legal action could be taken against the “owners”. If anyone is serious about stopping it the I would strongly suggest them to contact LEGAL EAGLES:

  2. Segal says:

    Karin, animal abuse is a serious problem within the Arab/Palestinian villages in Israel. I would suggest that a reporter from Green Prophet go and document what’s going on–unfortunately, its an entire project!

    If the editors from Green Prophet are interested in this project, then please contact me (I may know someone who could take this on).

  3. Segal says:

    Unfortunately animal (and human) abuse is rife among Arabs/Palestinians. (daily, across the valley from where I live in Jerusalem, I hear the painful moans and shrieks of donkeys, those poor beasts of burden whose burden is intensified 100 x’s, 24/7–its just the tip of the iceberg).

    1. Segal can you take pictures and report on what you see/hear? Tell us more….

  4. Maurice says:

    My dear Koby,

    What does the situation of this poor camel have to do with the political situation? Did you read the link in this article about abuse of circus animals in Lebanon? Is that an example of “the political situation” too or simply animal abuse? I realize camels are supposed to be patient and resilient beasts; but the way we found this one tied there on such a cold and rainy day was bad enough to make one cry.

  5. Koby says:

    God, what a waste of time. Why in the world would you think the owner wasnt coming back? I see this camel almost everyday on my way to school as it gives rides to tourists. While it would be great to give it the best possible conditions any hardships (minor in my opinion) it faces begin with the hardships faced by the Palestinian owner. He barely makes enough money to feed his family because of the political situation. While Im not against better quality of life for all animals, as someone who lives in Jerusalem your outrage at this makes me sick. You are putting the well being for this, at worst mildly neglected animal over the people suffering few feet from where you took this picture while also completely ignoring the political situation that may be causing that mild neglect.

    1. Stephanie Lethlean says:

      ” Mild niglect”. that’s it huh? you sound very stupid.

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