Name this Baby Orphaned Gazelle

mhorr gazelle babyHis mother passed away at birth. Now zookeepers at the Al Ain Zoo in Abu Dhabi are asking the public to give this baby gazelle a name. No Splashypants please!

Remember Mr. Splashypants the whale that was named during an online Greenpeace campaign? Like it or not, that’s what voters chose for the whale now being tracked as part of the Great Whale Trail Expedition. Picking up on naming competitions as a way to educate people about animals, zookeepers at an Abu Dhabi zoo are hoping to create some positive publicity for gazelles. Can you name this baby orphaned Mhorr gazelle pictured above? 

Now only two months old, the baby Mhorr gazelle’s mom died two hours after he was born, and is now being cared for by professionals: “Our naming competition in Social Media is a fun and creative way to learn more about these beautiful animals,” said Dr Arshad Toosy, from the Al Ain Zoo.

He says that the Mhorr is the largest of the “true” gazelles and it once lived in the Sahara, in Morocco. Hunting and overgrazing by livestock has put them on a slippery slope, and they exist only in captivity.

If you come up with the winning name you will:

a) get the honor of naming this little sweetie
b) get free tickets to the zoo. Yay. And
c) help create a little more awareness about animals on the verge of extinction.

Winners will be announced in December, so cast your vote by November 27 to [email protected]

al ain zoo

The Al Ain Zoo (entrance pictured above) was founded in 1968 by the much loved late Sheikh Zayed. An animal lover, the zoo was his contribution to protecting the wildlife that he loved so much.

::Al Ain Zoo


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