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Once again, in the UAE Gulf state of Abu Dhabi, the Zayed Future Energy Prize contest is open for entries on new and innovative projects in various forms of alternative energy.

Inaugerated in January 2008 during the World Future Energy Summit in Abu Dhabi, the contest, under the sponsorship of the Abu Dhabi government as a legacy to the late Sheikh Zayad bin Sultan al Nehyan, the prize will be awarded for the person or company with the most innovation and leadership in their contributions to the global need for future energy solutions. A prize of $1.5 million is up for grabs.

Last year the prize of $1.5 million was won by Mr. Dipal Barua and his Bangladesh company Grameen Shakti, which markets a low cost portable solar energy unit to furnish electricity to rural families who previously had little of no access to commercial or governmental electricity grids.

Enter the company Leviathan Energy Inc, a company specializing in alternative energy “clean power” from Israel. I’d like to propose this novel company for the prize.

What are Leviathan, who have just announced starting sales in the US, innovating?

1. The wind: an innovated “wind energizer” system that increases the power of wind turbines by 15 to 30%.

2. Water power: a special patented water turbine that is activated by the flow of fast water flow (from a stream, river, dam, etc), creating low cost hydroelectric power for small and medium hydroelectric power facilities.

3. Wave power: Developing technologies to harness the power of waves and ocean currents and release the potential of wave energy 4 to 5 times more cost-effectively than existing solutions being offered on the market.

Leviathan is staffed by a team of the most qualified and innovated managerial, scientific and manufacturing oriented professionals assembled in a new type of technology field. The only “minor” problem that could factor in regarding Leviathan’s clean power solutions being able to compete against other companies who will be entering the competition –the company is based in Israel.

Taking all political ramifications of this fact in mind, and judging from the many types of alternative and renewable energy projects currently underway there, Israel has become one of the world leaders in a number of technology based fields, including computer hard and software, IT or Information Technology, bio-medical technology; and now alternative energy.

Besides being a leader in the development solar energy projects, other projects to harness the power of the wind, water, and waves are also being pursued with earnest. And Leviathan‘s innovated systems can either increase the efficiency of existing equipment (such as wind turbines) as well as offer new equipment to create electrical power that is not only economical but environmentally friendly too.

The theme of last year’s World Future Energy Summit dealt with countries cooperating with each other in order to develop solutions that mankind will need to survive and prosper in a world beset with the problems of climate change and global warming.

Why not allow Leviathon Energy Inc, and other Israeli companies to offer their assistance to make this world a better place to live on – especially from an ecology and energy standpoint?

For more information on Leviathon Energy’s Clean Power technology, contact [email protected]

Or you have a better idea in mind, go to the Zayed Future Energy Prize website today to nominate your company or solution.

The Zayed Future Energy Prize is open to all entrants other than:
(a) board members and employees of Masdar; and
(b) anyone who has been involved in organising, promoting or judging the Prize.

Submissions will be ranked using the following criteria:

* Innovation: proof of cutting-edge concepts and solutions that solve today’s energy and sustainability challenges.
* Long-term vision: demonstration of ability to scale through a commercially viable or sustainable business model.
* Leadership: championing the vision in order to advance clean energy and sustainable solutions.

Submissions for the 2009 Zayed Future Energy Prize will be accepted until October 16th.

Good luck!

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  1. Prabhakar Savargaokar says:

    Dear Sir,


    Pl Advise, How Do I Go about And Apply For This Contest
    I Have A Working Prototype Of A Generator, That Generates Electric Power Without Using Fuel. Prteliminary Results Show Over Unity COP.

    Patent is Pending In India.

    B Rgds



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