Israel’s a Top #4 in Clean Tech Investment Performance

israel clean tech investment

You’d think the top clean tech investments come from the United States, China or Brazil. Look again on the right side of this chart to show how green economies actually perform. Israel is a top 4 with Denmark, Germany, and Sweden.

A new report called the Global Green Economy Index shows that although the perceived hot spots in clean tech investment appear to be in China, the return on investment is something else entirely. Since we cover the Middle East region we’d like to point out that Israel ranked particularly well on the cleantech dimension, according to the report, at slot #4 out of 27 national green economies.

The report developed by a Washington based group called Dual Citizen looks at 37 different datasets and combines details such as domestic policy frameworks, cleantech investment and green tourism.  We hope that somehow Green Prophet’s work on highlighting the news of the region contributed to this report. You can link to the whole report here (links to PDF), which gives in-depth analysis for those investors targeting geo-specific regions.

Since the US economy has sank, with it has gone the solar industry. We hope there are still safe refuges for investors looking to put their investment funds into companies backed by countries that have the policy to support the green tech industry.

Jeremy Tamanini, the founder of Dual Citizen sent Green Prophet the report: “Green reputations are a vital component of overall country brands and the Global Green Economy Index provides government and private stakeholders in the green economy a unique tool to track, analyze and improve upon performance in this sector,”  he said, pointing out Israel’s leading role. 

Some more highlights of the clean tech report:

The report shows that the United States and China – the two largest greenhouse gas emitters – are making perceived gains in this sector largely due to the size and economic opportunity of their clean tech markets.  But their overall performance continues to lag behind that of their European counterparts like Germany, Denmark and Sweden.

Experts may view the world’s largest economies as the best targets for cleantech investment but smaller nations with relatively mature cleantech sectors exhibit more robust investment climates according to data.

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