Israel Cleantech Intelligence: National Water Plan and 6 More Headlines

kinneret water shortage

Israel’s new desalination plan, water cooperation in the Middle East, Solaris Synergy, and more headlines related to Israeli cleantech and the environment.

Following reports that the Kinneret (Sea of Galilee) only rose 16 centimeters in January, the Israeli government moved quickly earlier this week to pass an emergency plan that will increase desalination production capabilities. Better Place founder and CEO Shai Agassi spoke about the high gas prices in Israel and need for electric cars and ZenithSolar demoed its solar panel technology in Australia. For these stories and the rest of this week’s headlines, see below.

Water Shortage in Israel
Israel’s New Water Crisis Management Plan
“The growing water crisis in Israel has prompted the Cabinet to approve an emergency plan to increase production of desalinated water. The plan, which entails around-the-clock operation of desalination facilities in the country, is expected to result in production of some 420 million cubic meters of the life-giving fluid in 2013…”

Kinneret rises only 16 centimeters in January
“The water level of Lake Kinneret has risen 2.5 centimeters since Sunday and 5.5 centimeters since the beginning of the storm on Thursday. In total, the Kinneret has risen 15 to 16 centimeters in January, Water Authority Spokesman Uri Schor said on Monday…”

Cabinet approves 420m cu.m. desalination plan
“The cabinet today approved an emergency plan to increase desalinated water production to 420 million cubic meters in 2013, in order to deal with the water crisis and ensure a reliable supply of water to the population, while protecting natural water sources. The production target is larger than the amount of water drawn annually from the Kinneret…”

Can Water Cooperation Be a Model for Middle East Peacemaking?
“Over a fine glass of wine, overlooking the Arabian Sea from the Omani capital of Muscat, Roland Mollinger, a seconded Dutch career diplomat revealed a remarkable — and compelling story of how the parties of the Middle East peace process quietly makes significant strides towards solving their scarce water resources, despite the recent collapse of direct negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority (PA)…”

72% Efficient ZenithSolar Gets Demo Down Under
“ZenithSolar’s first 16-unit project has been up and running successfully in Israel for a year at Kibbutz Yavne, making electricity to sell the grid, and hot water for its 230 residents, producing at peak production 250 KW Combined Heat and Power on a relatively small footprint of only 352 square meters (3,789 square feet). Now the breakthrough Israeli firm is about to bring a high profile demo to Australia, where Greenearth Energy Australia plans to show a combined heat and power solar technology that could revolutionize solar energy…”

Solar energy that floats on water
“Award winning Israeli company Solaris Synergy has designed solar energy grids that can float on water, reducing energy production costs, and preventing water loss…”

Electric Car
Electric Car Prophet Agassi: $8 Israel gas cause for change
“CNBC’s Erin Burnett just gave a short interview with Shai Agassi in Davos at the World Economic Forum about his startup, Better Place, and his opinion of electric cars in Israel…”

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