Massachusetts Governor Firms Up Ties With Israel’s Cleantech Superpowers

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Governor Deval Patrick tour through Israel and the UK is aimed at fostering stronger “green” partnerships.

During a ten day trip that commenced in Israel on March 7th, delegates of The Massachusetts Innovation Economy Partnership Mission 2011 are meeting with Israeli and UK business leaders and government officials.

The focus of these meetings will be on expanding cleantech businesses, jobs, and collaboration. Governor Deval Patrick kicked off the tour with a forum held this past Tuesday at the Interdisciplinary Center in Herziliya, where he expressed his hopes to strengthen an already solid relationship between Israel and Massachusetts.

“Like Israel, Massachusetts is proud to be a global leader in the clean energy and green jobs economy,” said Governor Patrick. “With our talented people, world-class institutions, and supportive government leaders we are letting the world know that Massachusetts is a great place to start or grow a clean energy business.”

Approximately 100 Israeli businesses in Massachusetts employed nearly 6,000 people and generated $2.4 billion in 2009. Their direct and indirect economic impact amounted to $7.8 billion.

Meanwhile, demonstrative of their firm cleantech cooperation, the United States accounts for 12.35% of Israel’s imports, according to the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center.

By bringing together delegations of business leaders and policy makers from regions with pioneering people, policies and academic institutions, we are forging a partnership that will further drive innovation in the clean energy industry, said Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (MassCEC) Executive Director Patrick Cloney. We are eager to collaborate with the Israeli clean tech community to help clean energy companies achieve success faster.

While in Israel, the delegation visited Pythagoras Solar in Petach Tichva and representatives of Israel Cleantech Ventures.

This delegation offers a great opportunity for Israel’s vibrant clean tech community to engage with industry leaders and policy makers from a region that is at the forefront of the U.S. clean tech market, said Israel Cleantech Ventures Partner Meir Ukeles. Just as earlier generations of Israeli software, communications and life sciences companies built strong ties to Massachusetts, we look forward to energy and water innovation being at the heart of Israel-Massachusetts collaboration going forward.

During the Patrick-Murray administration, the state has forged a strident path that emphasizes solar, lighting, biofuels, energy efficiency, security, and greenhouse gas emissions innovations. The governor will next carry his experience and vision to London and Cambridge.

:: MassCEC

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