“If I Die” Lets Facebook Prepare A Video Clip Launched At Death

willook ifidie appIf you had one last thing to say to your Facebook friends, what would it be?

Adding to Christmas lists and New Year’s resolutions, we now we have an option to use our favorite social networking site to publish our final green wishes. Willook has developed a Facebook application that allows environmentalists to be green to the grave. For those people not obsessed with all things eco, the app is an interesting new take on the last word. The Israeli startup – Jews are neither squeamish nor flighty about death – has built their application to include certain protocols that ensure respect to the end, while allowing a fast and meaningful way to spread love with the recently deceased’s network of friends.

Globes reports that the “If I Die” application allows users to create a video or text message that will be published soon after death. There are any number of ways this platform can be used: private people might choose to share a scandalous secret, fathers might want to send a message to their children, civic leaders might leave a final, inspiring message for posterity.


Or, members of elite families might create a sort of public will – uncontestable by greedy relatives – and artists or musicians might publish a final poem or song.

Regardless of how it is used, the application allows users to state their final message, to leave the kind of lasting impression that suits their personality and that will resonate with their friends.

So often, the extended friendship network is denied the opportunity to participate in the memory of their friend’s passing since it is typically a private affair. This app changes that.

Here’s how it works:

  • Users download the application.
  • They then record their message via a network camera, or, if they are camera-shy, they can simply record a final text message.
  • Then the user must appoint three trustees who are authorized to report their death. These trustees are then notified of their responsibility. Not until all three of them have reported their friend’s death through the application interface will facebook have permission to launch their specially-prepared video or message.

If you had just one status update left, what would you say?


:: Globes

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