Were Tesla’s Solar Innovations “Buried” by Big Oil?

tesla nikolaFree electricity from lightning? Nikola Tesla thought so.

Even though I grew up in America, where many of this man’s inventions were brainstormed, I must admit I never heard of Nikola Tesla until now. This man, born in Serbia in 1856, and who later immigrated to the USA in 1884, may have been the world’s greatest innovator in electrical and electronic devices that the world has ever known. His experiments with electrical currents, including what became known as the AC or alternating current, are only some of this great man’s creations, and recently resulted in the American electric car company, Tesla Motors, naming their electric sports cars after him in tribute. Could it be that his inventions were buried by Big Oil?

Nikola Tesla

Just who was this extraordinary man, and why were many of his inventions and ideas literally buried or stolen by others – especially his experiments dealing with  creating “free” electricity by harnessing radio magnetic waves created by the sun?

Even before arriving in America and meeting Thomas Edison, Tesla had already begun to make a name for himself in Europe. While working as an engineer for the Continental Edison Company in Paris, he invented electrical devices such as the induction motor and devices using rotating magnetic fields, which was the main idea behind the alternating current electric motor.

He also invented wireless communication devices, which he later claimed were stolen from him by the Italian inventor Guglielmo Marconi who won the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1909. Tesla was nominated twice to receive the Prize; once in 1915 and again in 1938, but never received it.

His work with X-Rays resulted in creation of better and safer Roentgen X-Ray devices.

Tesla’s “electromagnetic current” tower

But of all his inventions, what may become the most beneficial are those dealing with creating electricity from magnetic energy wages created by the sun. In very simple laymen’s terms Tesla concluded that the sun itself is a white hot ball of pure energy with a positive electrical charge. The earth, spinning on its axis once every 24 hours, displays a negative electrical charge. This electrical “relationship” between the sun and the earth greatly interested Tesla and resulted in his declaring that he could create electricity by harnessing radio magnetic waves in the atmosphere.

Tesla’s personal diary contains explanations of his experiments concerning the ionosphere, and the ground’s telluric currents via transverse waves and longitudinal waves. At his lab in Colorado, Tesla proved that the earth was a conductor, and he even produced artificial lightning, creating discharges consisting of millions of volts, and up to 135 feet (41 5 meters) long. Tesla also investigated atmospheric electricity observing lightning signals via his receivers.

These experiments make Tesla’s studies and theories much different from the way electricity is created from solar energy is now created from the sun;from either solar powered thermal energy or conversion of sunlight into electricity using photo voltaic cells.

There must have been something disturbing about Tesla’s work to American energy tycoons, as ones like JP Morgan locked up Tesla’s most advanced power generator and threw away the key. Morgan then had Tesla’s Power Generator for broadcasting electricity through the air dismantled.

Anyone wishing to create their own “free electricity” can do so by assembling their own atmospheric electricity “generator” from electrical components costing around $2. This You Tube link gives you an idea of how it works.

Did Tesla (and the world) get cheated out of having “free electricity” from the sun’s electromagnetic forces?

Maybe one day soon, the truth will come out – when the inhabitants of this plant will need Tesla’s gift to Mankind the most. Besides the sun, “free electricity” may also come from the world’s seas and oceans. Israel’s Shmuel Ovadia and his SDE Energy Company is now beginning to harness ocean waves and currents to produce electricity.

So perhaps innovators like Nicola Tesla now make better sense after all.


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4 thoughts on “Were Tesla’s Solar Innovations “Buried” by Big Oil?”

  1. DMoney says:

    The problem with Tesla’s wireless energy is the anyone producing a strong ground in the path of that electricity would get hit with a bolt of lightning from the coils.
    The radio-magnetic generator from the sun does produce electricity but much less efficient than the sun because our Earth’s magnetic field deflects most of it.
    Still, though, Tesla does need to be studied more. He had some pretty fantastic ideas.

  2. msp says:

    Remember that little conservation cartoon story we saw at Millar Fillmore.

    The little barrels of oil stored in the earth by Mother nature over millions and millions of years….and then the little men in blue overalls and hard hats that were wheeling the barrels out of the earth with frightening freqnecy suggesting that all the barrels could be taken out of the earth in several hundred years if not sooner…of course this was before the North Slope, North Sea, Indonesia and some of the other fields were brought in….but, even still……..

    how come I am just now hearing about this dude?…..he may be the salvation of 21st AND 22ND CENTURY EARTH…assuming a way can be found to transmit and store his enery creation.

    1. Radu Tanasescu says:

      Oil has almost already ran out. Countries that extracted it at a breakneck pace (like the USA) have had to resort to tar sands and fracking to extract more hydrocarbons.

      Now here’s the deal, most people say that the “oil ending in 50 years” was a scam and oil will last centuries. But when they made the prediction 50 years ago they didn’t take into account things like tar sands or fracking, considered too irresponsible to be used 50 years ago, even Romanias former communist leadership banned fracking, they thought it was madness and didn’t think the economical benefits are worth pumping chemicals in the earth.

      And our communist party was brutal and ruthless, they behaved like animals and persecuted people, but even these animals did not dare to frack, makes you think about oil companies today.

  3. Matt says:

    Spot on, we could of had free wireless energy 100 years ago, goes to show how corruption works in the world, thanks JP Morgan.

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