SolarEdge Solar Co. Lip Dubs “Shine On” For New Year Cheer

Even though the Jewish New Year was a few months ago, and the Muslim New Year the first week of December, SolarEdge, the Israeli solar tech company that creates solar harvesting solutions has created a new video for the west –– a lip dub from RIO’s song “Shine On.” For the New Year. It’s cute, fun and a nice way to meet the Israeli team. I met the team at the recent Energy Tech Expo in Tel Aviv, and it was neat seeing some familiar faces, and the facilities where the company works and plays.

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3 thoughts on “SolarEdge Solar Co. Lip Dubs “Shine On” For New Year Cheer”

  1. Lisa says:

    They did a great job with it. Two things stick out in my mind about the video:
    1) This is the first tech yet alone cleantech company in Israel that I can think of that has used YouTube in this way.
    2) There are a lot of women in the video. It got me excited that maybe the company had something like a 30 to 70 or better ratio of women to men. According to LinkedIn though the breakdown is 20 to 80.

  2. Achmed Khammas says:

    Happy Hollidays too!!!

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