Israel Invests in Domestic Solar Power

The World Wildlife Fund and the Cleantech Group recently published a report saying that Israel is the second best place in the world to develop green technologies, second only to Denmark. Israel has long been a major exporter of such innovations, a leading developer of water-saving technology, such as its agricultural inventions, and solar power. Now Israel is starting to […]


Solar Plant In Hebron To Be Demolished

A solar plant, which is the sole source of electricity for a village in Hebron, has received demolition orders from the Israeli Civil Administration Mneizel is a Palestinian village located in Hebron in the West Bank. In 2009, the 400 residents living there were lucky enough to be the recipients of a project funded by […]

SolarEdge Solar Co. Lip Dubs “Shine On” For New Year Cheer

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GP7AkDLONZI[/youtube] Even though the Jewish New Year was a few months ago, and the Muslim New Year the first week of December, SolarEdge, the Israeli solar tech company that creates solar harvesting solutions has created a new video for the west –– a lip dub from RIO’s song “Shine On.” For the New Year. It’s cute, fun […]