Israel’s Organic "Goats with the Wind" Farm is Delicious Eco-Tourism

goats with the wind cheese farm israel photoA visit to Israel’s Goats with the Wind organic farm is delicious and not at all baa-d for the environment.

With the summer months upon us, some of you may be looking for an alternative activity to beach volleyball, matkot and tanning in the sun. For those of you living in or visiting Israel this summer (or any other season), here’s a delicious and eco-friendly option: volunteering or dining at Goats with the Wind, an organic goat cheese and wine-producing farm in the Galilee region.  Operated by Amnon and Dalia, a couple who has been running the farm for several years, Goats with the Wind welcomes families, couples, children, and single volunteers.  (The cheeses are welcoming as well – check out their “Isabella” half hard organic goat cheese above.)

As Amnon and Dalia so eloquently describe their farm:

“Somewhere in the Galilee,

Among the hills of Har Hashabi,

Is a place of harmony,

And cheese making goats roaming free.”

In addition to being delicious, nutritious, and friendly to its goats, the farm is operated with solar power.

israel goat cheese farm

The farm boasts the diversity of its previous volunteers, which has included monks, poets, Olympic poets and ping pong champions.  But Amnon and Dalia will welcome all volunteers (provided approximately one week’s notice) who will perform tasks such as cleaning, gardening, feeding the animals, milking the goats, decorating, or constructing walls.

In their own words, “volunteers don’t need any particular skills except to be willing to work hard.”

goat cheese organic restaurant in Israel karen chernickIn exchange, volunteers receive simple accommodations and meals with Amnon and Dalia.

(And considering the fact that Dalia operates the restaurant at the farm, this could be quite a delicious deal.)

Not interested in volunteering but still want to see the farm?  The aforementioned restaurant, located under the branches of carob trees (and pictured to the left), is a good way to experience the products of the farm.  The restaurant offers standard, organic, and meat menus and is reasonably priced.

Baaaa. But not humbug.

:: Goats with the Wind

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3 thoughts on “Israel’s Organic "Goats with the Wind" Farm is Delicious Eco-Tourism”

  1. Avi says:

    My partner and I went to goat with the wind back in 2013 and the experience was simply phenominal! It was hard to find even with Israel’s Waze (before it got sold to google) but we eventually made it with a steep and rocky hill down to the farm. Its completely sustainable with cows and goats all over the place so be careful where you walk. We were there for about 3-4 hours ,we didn’t want to leave it was such a special place and can’t wait to go back next time. From the amazing food in our own private casita to the volunteers who are so dedicated and proud to be there, everything was a real treat. We got to meet the owner (forgot her name sorry) and she was precious yet so humble she had no idea how we found her farm and when we disclosed that we simply found her by coming across a lovely article in Saveur magazine, she had no idea she was featured in a magazine! Simply a person who is loving life on her farm tending to her farm proudly and treating people to an experience like no other, I envyed her so much! I highly recommend this journey which was only 30-40 minutes from my parents house in Netanya.

  2. Puran Pal says:

    I am Indian nationality and working with the UN in Jerusalem (Israel). Wish to visit your farm for few days to know about goat farming and cheese processing. Please contact me on 054 65 38 341 or [email protected]

    Best regards.

    Rao Puran Pal

  3. Valerie sandmann says:

    Dear Delilah
    My name is Valerie Sandmann and I come from Germany. I heard about your Goats farm. In the moment I help a Germany lady in Jerusalem and I have a tourist visa until a second of May. I could come immediately if you have a place for me. I do have at home a horse and know how to work on a farm. I am a Christian and Ecologic oriented. I am looking forward to hear from you. Greetings from
    Valerie sandmann

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