Eco-Jews Study Sustainable Living on "Hava ve Adam" Farm in Israel

Coming for a 5 month internship, learn more about the students and people from the ecological and organic farm, Hava ve Adam (Adam and Eve) Ecological Farm outside Modi’in, Israel. They grow their own food, use compost toilets, sleep in geodesic domes. The whole nine yards.

::Hava ve Adam website

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3 thoughts on “Eco-Jews Study Sustainable Living on "Hava ve Adam" Farm in Israel”

  1. Gili says:

    There is a Shavuot festival this Thursday from 11:00 to 18:00 at the farm –
    More info in Hebrew
    More info in English

    Directions to the farm in Hebrew

  2. Ra'anan says:

    So cool, cool, COOL! B”SD
    I want to take my kids & show them what you guys are doing!!!

    Modi’in is quite big, what’s your address???



  3. Gili says:

    thanks for the article. don’t forget to check out the Eco-Israel website ( and our facebook page (

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