10 Israeli Clean Tech Companies Head to California

Designer Energy, a biofuel company, will be one of the 10 lucky Israeli companies to meet dream investors and strategic partners in California later this month.

Looking for investment deals and strategic partners, the California Israel Chamber of Commerce has selected and announced the 10 Israeli clean tech companies invited to present at this year’s CICC Cleantech Tour and Showcase. Green Prophet has covered the event which is to take place starting April 27. This group has been handpicked for their investment potential so even if you are not planning on meeting them in the US, this list might give you some leads. Here are the finalists:

In Water:
Amiad, a water filtration company.
TaKaDu, a company using software to reduce water loss.

In Smart Grid:
There is Arcadian Networks

In Solar:
BrightView Systems

In Energy Efficiency:
Linum Systems
Panoramic Power

In Biofuels:
Designer Energy
Rosetta Green (from Rosetta Genomics)

In Electric/Hybrid Vehicles:
ETV Motors

Some of these companies are fresh to the media, so we hope this trip to California produces some stories, and investments in clean tech. We’ve supplied the long list and description below for those who’d like to read more. These descriptions have been supplied by the company and have not been edited by us:

Founded in Israel in 1962, Amiad is a world leader in filtration, delivering clean water with clean technology.  Amiad’s automatic self cleaning screen filters and automatic micro fiber (AMF) filters safeguard human health, the environment and industrial productivity.  Amiad filters can stand alone to efficiently remove solids from irrigation, municipal or industrial water, or help make multi-stage water treatment systems more effective and efficient by optimizing the use of chemicals and operating on a bare minimum of water and power. Today, the company has more than 400 employees worldwide and is traded on the AIMLondon Stock Exchange.

Arcadian Networks designs and delivers wireless broadband communication systems to the energy sector. The real-time, two-way communication networks provide the backbone of all “smart” energy solutions – delivering operating efficiencies, interoperability and security. Designed specifically for utility, oil and gas, and renewable energy industries, the IP converged networks are based on private, secured 700 MHz spectrum. Customized services range from blueprint to network deployment, systems integration, through customer service.

BrightView Systems delivers comprehensive process control and optimization solutions dedicated to thin-film solar panel manufacturing. With a profound understanding of photovoltaic cell physics, process development and mass production, BrightView’s core technologies span in-line metrology, imaging and unique data analysis packages specifically designed for thin-film solar manufacturing. BrightView solutions improve the efficiency, durability and bankability of panels and provide integral solutions for improving thin-film PV productivity and profitability.

Designer Energy (DE) is an Israeli biotechnology company dedicated to producing cheap, fermentable sugars to sustainably enable the industrial biology industry. Designer Energy has demonstrated proof-of-concept for two enzymatic hydrolysis processes that both exhibit remarkable performance on a wide variety of biomass. The company is currently negotiating a multi-year, multi-million dollar research collaboration with a major oil company. Designer Energy has been funded by Musea Ventures, a family angel fund, to reach proof of concept for both of its technologies and is currently seeking to raise its first round of institutional funding.

Established in 2008, ETV Motors Ltd . develops advanced powertrain technologies that address the automotive industry’s tightening embrace of electric vehicles (EVs). ETVM’s scientists are focused on two achievements: a compact, energy-dense, power-dense battery; and an ultra-efficient on-board power-generator that keeps the battery charged with energy sourced from currently-available infrastructure.  Gram for gram, ETVM’s lithium-based cells deliver 50% more energy than the best competing cells. Batteries built from these cells will be smaller, more affordable, and have potentially twice the driving range of other lithium-ion batteries. ETVM’s innovative microturbine serves as a range-extender for efficient, affordable, clean plug-in hybrid EVs.

Linum Systems is developing a hybrid solar air conditioning technology which provides heat-driven cooling and heating, and seamlessly switches to electricity-driven mode during off-sun conditions. This energy-saving technology offers better efficiency and significant cost reductions in comparison to other solar air conditioning systems available today in the market. The technology is based on a novel patent-pending thermodynamic cycle developed and owned by Linum, using mainly standard industry components.

Easy to install and operate, the system offers the first practical solar air conditioning solution for the residential and small office space. Linum Systems is based in Pardes-Hanna,Israel.

Panoramic Power is an early stage startup working on Energy Efficiency (EE) for commercial buildings. Our vision is to enable any organization full, granular transparency to its power flow and usage in order to increase efficiency and save costs. We will provide the enterprise with a standard, affordable power visibility platform that will extend the smart grid revolution into the internal enterprise grid and enable quick customer ROI. The technology under development will change the way enterprises look at their power flow, building a basis for an unlimited set of new and innovative applications. Panoramic Power: Smart Grid for the Enterprise .

Rosetta Green’stechnologies focus on a unique set of genes, known as microRNAs that function as main switches for controlling key traits in plants and algae. The company is using its platform technologies to develop improved crops for agriculture, and  feedstocks for biofuels. Rosetta Green is a subsidiary of Rosetta Genomics (Nasdaq: ROSG).   Rosetta Green’s has managed to generate algae with increased oil content and plants with improved drought tolerance. The versatility of our technologies enables us to implement them in a variety of cleantech and agri-technology related traits. The company’s go-to-market strategy relies on developing POCs and prototypes of plants and algae with improved traits and collaborating with strategic partners for scaling up and commercialization.

TaKaDu provides Water Infrastructure Monitoring service, allowing water utilities to significantly reduce water loss and promote operational efficiency. The World Bank estimates global water loss at 25%-30%, representing a $20bn problem. TaKaDu’s unmatched Software-as-a-Service solution requires no network changes or capital expenditures. The solution, based on patent-pending mathematical and statistical algorithms, uses existing network data (flow, pressure, quality, etc.).  TaKaDu is fully operational with utilities and partners in Europe, Australia, Latin America, Israeland theUS . TaKaDu was founded in 2008 by Amir Peleg, a high-tech veteran and serial entrepreneur, together with software industry veterans and prominent scientists.

TransAlgae, Ltd .is building the framework for algal biofuel and animal feed, using genetic engineering combined with practical agricultural, industrial and economic approaches. The company’s scientific team has completed its first generation of transgenic algae and a field research site has been established at a 400MW natural gas power station. In addition to higher productivity, the genetic approach enables rapid increases, multiple high-quality products, bio-safety mechanisms and contamination resistance. TransAlgae is in collaboration with Endicott Biofuels, TX, for the development of algae as a potential transportation fuel and renewable chemical feedstock source and is in the process of signing an MOU with a fish feed producer for testing of microalgae as an ingredient in the production of fish feed.

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