Help Green Prophet Educate the World on Earth Day

ripple pond earth day social mediaEarth Day is April 22. Be a ripple in the pond. Spread the good news forward.

Forty years after the the first Earth Day, the next one is just a few days away on April 22. Everybody is talking about how we can make the changes we need to our society so that we can continue living, sustainably, on planet earth.

Educating about environment issues is considered a very powerful co-benefit of carbon offsetting. By inspiring others to change their habits, not only are you fighting the battle for our planet, one recycled bottle at a time, you are getting others to as well.

We the faithful writers at Green Prophet say harness the power of the ripple. We like how this works in nature: When you drop a small pebble in a big pond it sends out waves in every direction – to the frogs on the lily pads, the water bugs on its surface and the tiny plants on the edge. More education about Middle East culture, religion, technologies and opportunities for change need to be seen and heard. Be part of the change. Be part of the Green Prophet ripple.

Ripple Image via Trevor Manternach

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