12 Things I've Learned About Human Nature From My Cats (Slideshow)

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Nature can point us in the right green direction. Maurice learns about human nature from his cat.

I’m sure many Green Prophet readers enjoyed Jack Reichert’s recent picture story: 11Things I Learned From My Dog. He showed us how we can learn a lot about life by observing how man’s best friend relates to us as human. I decided to write a follow-up piece on how people relate to another very popular, yet often misunderstood human companion, Felis Catus or the common domestic house cat.

Many people consider cats to be the opposite of dogs, especially in their relationship (or even non-relationship) to humans. I’ve lived with several cats during my life, and have had relationships with numerous others, including what many people refer to as street or alley cats, which are quite numerous where I live in Israel. Cats also have had a bad break historically, and have been considered as symbols of bad luck and harbingers of evil – even being associated with the devil and witches (especially in the case of black cats).

So in order to present a counterpoint to dog fanciers, I’ve decided to write this article so that cats can also have their place in the sun in-so-far as their relationship to people.

Image Credit: photoslevi

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