Eco Suit Company Bagir Makes Earth Friendly Deal With Egypt


A working relationship between the Middle East and Israel is possible and one innovative Israeli suit manufacturer Bagir has taken the initiative to extend its hands across the Egyptian border resulting in a union that is respectful, friendly and profitable.

The outreach has been successfully achieved by Bagir Ltd, an Israeli company, by way of its newest sustainable tailored clothing called ECOGIR, which is made from recycled plastic bottles and is manufactured at Metco, a tailored clothing factory in Port Said – 50% of what Bagir manufacturers in Port Said is exported to the United States with the other 50% going to the UK market.

We’ve written about Bagir in the past and are impressed by their organic suit lines, and recycled pop bottle suits they now sell at Sears in the US.

The Middle East has long been known for its struggles and unsettled positions. For years, the U.S. has been on a mission to appease the discord, especially between Israel and its neighboring countries.

President Barack Obama’s attempt to open the way began with his meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu a few weeks ago, and on June 4, the President will make a speech in Cairo, Egypt.

Offer Gilboa, CEO of Bagir states, “We are grateful to the Obama administration for showing support in this area and appreciate the new administration’s effort in the regional peace process. Bagir has demonstrated a working relationship can not only be possible, but also profitable and congenial.”

It all began in 2004, when the U.S. signed a historic trade partnership with both Egypt and Israel. The agreement, signed by then Egyptian Minister of Foreign Trade and Industry Rachid Mohammed Rachid and Israeli Vice Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, created Qualified Industrial Zones (QIZs) in Egypt, which allow for duty-free export of certain Egyptian goods that contain Israeli inputs to the U.S.

This was a result of President Bush’s plan to promote closer U.S. trade ties with the Middle East, which strengthen development, openness, and peaceful economic links between Israel and its neighbors. These industrial zones create a daily opportunity to build business and personal relationships among Egyptians, Israelis, and Americans.

A strategic success, this collaborative partnership demonstrates a commonality that is on a political, environmental, and profitable front for all involved parties.


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3 thoughts on “Eco Suit Company Bagir Makes Earth Friendly Deal With Egypt”

  1. T.T. Truth says:

    The real truth behind this PR, is FIMI run Board at Bagir was plotting to embarass the President of the United States. Bagir was looking to humilate Obama on the World Stage with his ECO policy and position to visit Egypt before he visited Israel. FIMI’s board approved an idea to look for contacts in the White House to get to President and trick him into wearing or not wearing a Bagir suit on his trip to Israel. Little Corporate Terror on the USA.

    1. What’s so scary about this truth? Maybe I am missing something? Who cares if anyone wears a suit designed by an Israeli company? It’s a global village. Every single person on this planet is using or wearing or holding something developed by Israel, and the same can be said about China, Thailand, America… what gives?

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