Recycle Jordan’s Politicians into Purses

Voting is underway for Jordan’s Parliament.  I’m not running, but I have this one in the bag. Hundreds of posters are hanging along Amman roadways; a somber assemblage of Middle Eastern manhood, mostly mustachioed. No wonder there’s tension in the lead-up to election: everywhere I look there are faces scowling down. The signs are made […]


7 Ideas for DIY Green Breastfeeding Coverups

Modest moms don’t need expensive new breastfeeding covers, with all the green choices available. While it’s not difficult to breastfeed modestly in public, many women in the Middle East prefer to wear a breastfeeding cover. And a range of companies will be happy to sell you a new one. But there is a greener way: […]


Tel Aviv Port's "Pop-Up Design Store" Features Many Upcycling Designers

[youtube][/youtube] Tel Aviv’s port (or “namal”) has in recent years become a trendy hot spot.  A little too trendy.  And often their trendiness does not go hand in hand with eco-friendliness.  But sometimes it does, like with their (too chic and elitist for some) farmer’s market and, this month, with their Pop-Up Design Store, Rafsoda. […]


KAPARA's Upcycled Gift Tags and a Green Prophet Giveaway!

You’ve selected your gift (which is hopefully local, handmade, and made out of sustainable materials), you’ve written a card (hopefully on recycled paper), but the presentation still needs that extra touch?  KAPARA (also known as Viktoria Slutsky), runs a cute little shop on Etsy that specializes in upcycled paper gift tags. When you are making […]


Transform junk mail into beautiful envelopes

Whether we like it or not, many of us get bombarded with junk mail.  And try as we might to remove ourselves from junk mail lists, unsubscribe, plead with the postman… somehow it just keeps trickling in.  This project will give some of the paper in your junk mail pile one more use before it […]