US and Israel Expect to Launch $20 Million Annual Energy Co-op Agreement At Eilat Conference

(Barak Obama meets Israel’s President Shimon Peres)

Conferences on CSR, conferences for greening Islam, conferences honoring Al Gore. Israelis love them. And now that clean technology and energy is becoming a national priority (just ask Shimon Peres), green-themed conferences are popping up around Israel like sabra fruit on a desert cactus. Get out your day planners, and your hybrid engines purring: The latest is a 3-day conference, The Eilat-Eilot International Renewable Energy Conference, next February 17-19 in Eilat. (That Israeli city north of the Sinai Peninsula).

According to organizers, the meet will feature an “unveiling of plans” for a 200 MW renewable energy center in Timna as well as “major announcements” from international solar power companies. Woo hoo! As part of the green festivities, the US-Israeli Energy Cooperation Act, passed two years ago by the US Congress, will finally come into effect.

The cooperation act will fund eligible joint ventures between US and Israeli businesses, as well as establish the International Energy Advisory Board.

Press release material says the Eilat-Eilot Conference is one of the world’s most important energy conferences focusing on the latest innovations in renewable energy. Conference participants include internationally-recognized alternative energy companies and speakers from around the world. Over 1,000 attendees are expected to attend this February’s event.

“The conference is an important step towards developing the alternative energy capabilities of this region, and will certainly push us forward in becoming an alternative energy world leader,” says Hezi Kugler, Director General of the Ministry of National Infrastructures Kugler, who will be leading the delegation of National Infrastructure representatives who will be in attendance at the conference. (Hint hint: this is the guy to rub elbows with during the networking coffee breaks).

Timna Renewable Energy Park

The conference will also feature the unveiling of plans for the Timna Renewable Energy Park, the centerpiece of the Eilat-Eilot region’s efforts to turn Southern Israel into the “Silicon Valley” of renewable energy. It will feature technologies from companies around the world, with planned projects to include a combined wind/solar farm, a solar thermal power plant, a solarized turbine pilot plant and the production of biogas from municipal waste.

“The Arava is home to intense sun and a pioneering spirit, which are the necessary ingredients for creating a renewable energy revolution in the State of Israel”, said Yosef I. Abramowitz, president of the Arava Power Company, a leading solar developer.

More About the Conference

The Conference is an international forum encouraging discussion and debate of policies, technology, business and investment practices to lead to cost effective, doable solutions. Conference participants include leading researchers in alternative energy, government officials and policy-makers, internationally-recognized alternative energy companies and world-renowned speakers from business and academia. Over 1,000 attendees and dozens of journalists are expected to be in attendance. Some of the topics to be explored at the conference include: Renewable development in Israel, solar power, policies and regulations, and renewable energy technology.

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