Brightsource Launches Solar Energy Plant in the Negev

solar energy plant brightsource launches in israel

Israel’s natural resources are few and far between. But one resource that Israel has in abundance is sunlight, and perhaps for that reason, Israel has been a world leader in solar energy.

Until now, most of Israel’s cutting edge solar technology companies have focused their energies abroad, in California’s Mojave Desert and elsewhere. A huge solar plant has never appeared on Israel’s horizon…Until now. The new plant is generating interest among alternative energy countries worldwide, and will be dedicated next week, on June 12th.

brightsource solar energy factory in israel mohave desert photo

The new Solar Energy Development Center will contain 1,600 full-size, computer-synchronized heliostats (reflectors) aiming at a 60 meter tall power tower topped by a solar boiler. The heliostats concentrate the sun’s natural energy onto the boiler, heating the water inside to 550 C, or over 1000 F.
The Center was created by the Israeli company BrightSource Energy and its wholly owned subsidiary Luz II. They are extending invitations to the press to visit the site next week.

What remains to be seen is how well this technology will hold up in the long run, given the massive costs to produce photovoltaic cells, as well as the relative inefficiency of such cells, the vast amount of space they occupy vs. their actual output of energy, etc.

solar energy plant israel brightsource luz image

But as a short-term solution to the longstanding problem of alternative energy, this new solar energy plant seems to fit the bill.

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4 thoughts on “Brightsource Launches Solar Energy Plant in the Negev”

  1. VINAY DUGAR says:


    We are based in RAJASTHAN INDIA.we have the same climatic condition
    as ISRAEL. We are at present working with govt. of rajasthan for a
    big power solar power plant approx. 50mw .

    what kind of most economical solar power technology do you suggest.
    what would be the cost of putting up such plant.pls. respond quickly
    as we are very serious about it!


    vinay dugar

    +91 98290 15330

    1. You need to contact the company; we are just reporting on the news.

  2. Dr. Clement Owolabi says:


    This is an enquires to see whether you are capable of building Solar Energy with 25 Megawatt capacity in one of the third world country. What type of Solar Energy Technology you have and what is the ball pack cost of 25MW Plant. We are interested for this project because I have been giver a mandate to Seek the Solar Energy Plant developer with the most tech. in the industry. If you have the capability please respond urgently. Thanks

    Best regards,

    Clement Owolabi

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