Is Jerusalem Stone Under Threat?

We’ve heard about peak oil. Ilana asks about “peak Jerusalem stone” – and if it will ever be under threat. My earliest memory of arriving in Jerusalem in 1993 is permeated with a sense of bewilderment. Coming from Queens, New York, everything was strange to me as I stared out the window of a car […]


An Eco-Farm Blooms Under Rocket Fire From Gaza

While rockets fly overhead, Bat-Zion Benjaminson tends her garden. The religious mother of four hopes to establish an eco-village in the moshav (cooperative community) of Shokeda, which is located just six kilometers away from the border of Gaza. According to Bat-Zion, the war being fought in the area is not just with rockets. “This is […]


Upcoming Event: Fundraiser Party for Biogas Electricity for Bedouin Villages

[youtube][/youtube] Ilana Meallem of Arava Institute has helped initiate a project to install a bio-gas facility in the unrecognized Bedouin villages in the Negev, to provide the villages with electricity and to help them dispose of waste in an environmentally friendly manner. A donation party will be taking place on Friday December 19th at 10:00pm […]

Green Prophet Interviewed in Jerusalemite

We’ve hit the one-year anniversary of Green Prophet, and what a year it’s been! And just in time for the event, Green Prophet’s Karin was interviewed by Jerusalemite about green spaces in Jerusalem. (Karin was also interviewed in the November issue of Time Out Israel–may the media blitz continue!) Just to whet your appetite, here’s […]


Israel and China Build Israel's Biggest Solar Power Plant

This week, Israel’s biggest solar power station was inaugurated in Katsrin, a place otherwise known for its archaeological sites. Generating 85,000 KWH per year, the power station represents a milestone in Israel’s adoption of alternative energy, which until now had hardly been a soaring success. But it also represents something else: A partnership between Israel […]