Israelis and Palestinians: Teaming Up for the Environment

Can peace in the Middle East begin with the environment?

A plan is being outlined for the collaboration of Israel’s Ministry of Environmental Protection and the Palestinian Authority, detailing mutual responsibilities for environmental issues that affect the country–regardless of what the country is called and whose land it is.

The plan is being jointly composed by Professor Alon Tal of Ben Gurion University and Dr. Muhammad Said Al-Hmaida of Bir Zeit University. One of its directives is the establishment of a committee of Palestinian and Israeli environmental managers.

Tal told the Jerusalem Post: “Israel would have a say in the sewage treatment strategy in the Palestinian sector – which directly affects our water resources, just as the Palestinians would have access to monitoring of Israeli air pollution sources that are transboundary and impact their air quality.”

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::Jerusalem Post

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3 thoughts on “Israelis and Palestinians: Teaming Up for the Environment”

  1. ashi says:

    Its good to hear that people are getting concern about the environment. This collaboration will prove to be useful and will be a landmark for other countries.
    Keep it up.

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