Citramed Preserves our Cosmetics the Natural Way

parabens cosmeticsParabens, a preservative used in cosmetics such as shampoos, deodorants, toothpastes and creams, are nasty things.  They’re bad for our health, bad for the environment, and bad for all the creatures that we share this planet with.

Parabens have been proven to be linked to cancer, and a study in the UK has showed extremely high levels of parabens in breast cancer tissue.  The parabens found in cosmetics that we use eventually gets washed off, too, meaning they also pollute our waterways and harm our animal friends.  Parabens have been shown to disrupt the hormones in animals, causing things  like genetic defects and extra legs on frogs.

In other words, bad news all around.

Luckily, Israeli company Citramed has found a solution to the problem.  Citramed offers a natural preservative made from citrus extract that is not harmful to us or to the environment.  Who knew orange peels could be so good?citrus peel preservative

Rosental, the former CEO of the company, explained that the citrus peel has its own natural defense mechanism that protects it from microorganism attacks.  Citramed found a way to make this natural process more effective with a simple water-based process.  According to Rosental, “the technology copies the natural process.  As far as we know there are no natural preservatives available worldwide.”

Citramed is not the only Israeli company making strides to produce natural, people-friendly and eco-friendly products.  Israel has made great accomplishments in that field and, Rosental says, “every time I speak with a delegation at a conference they say Israel is a leader.”

Do us proud, Citramed.

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