Geotectura Builds a Green Future for Israel’s Real Estate

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Green building in Israel seems to be gaining momentum, as witnessed by the recent breakthrough of scientists from the Technion whose prize-winning research is going into building a green sanctuary in China (alas, not here!).

It’s being spearheaded with particular enthusiasm by architect Joseph Cory, whose company Geotectura professes to be committed to creating buildings that are environmentally friendly.

Cory has designed the SunSail, an energy-efficient building that’s scheduled to go up in Haifa. According to Cory, green building isn’t just the future for altruistic reasons–he believes that an eco-friendly building is more likely to succeed on the market.

The SunSail is certainly a wave of the future: it will have its own water purification system for waste water, a ventilation system that takes advantage of the breeze outdoors, maximum exposure to the sun for natural lighting, and a curved surface that is designed to contain photovoltaic cells that will provide 40% of the building’s energy.

Since Haifa is on the Carmel Fault, what we want to know–without seeming picky–is if this paradise of energy efficiency will also be resistant to earthquakes. Because otherwise, there isn’t much point.

Source: Haaretz

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5 thoughts on “Geotectura Builds a Green Future for Israel’s Real Estate”

  1. wow! thats look beautifal. too bad it build in china and not in israel.

  2. Hovalot says:

    truly amazing.. i wish we were the next generation
    enjoying an harmonic nature with technology environment
    sounds cool

  3. woo!! this is so fresh!!!
    great idea, I hope more building will do the same.

  4. You can tell that the air is very fresh in a building like this… lol; I love to live in a place like this, this give’s me a great Idea for a home design. Thank you for the inspiration.

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