Making the most out of matkot

matkot beach chair

The chair which also holds matkot paddles for ultimate fun on a Tel Aviv beach

Israelis love playing matkot. It’s like table tennis without a table. And a hard small black ball like a squash ball. It makes an annoying sound at the beach but you can get used to it along with Israelis playing in their underwear which they think you won’t notice.

It’s like a national sport.

Updating the old game is Groovy: designers Danit & Yinnon Simhi. There is no mention about the paints and processes in creating this chair featured abobe, but we think it has a “green feel,” mainly because of its multifunctionality: a funky beach chair and matkot game all rolled into one.

Or how about a chair made from matkot balls?

matkot ball chair

Matkot ball chair

There is nothing like the combination of words retro and active to describe the activities of Danit and Yinnon Simhi, the couple operates under the name of ‘Groovy.’

These young designers turn their years of collecting into a real profession using their artistic talent and their imagination to bring old and new things to life. Most of the new products designed and manufactured by Groovy, and infused with humor, and are realized as surprising new designs and images.

They have a retro/recycled line, and even a line made from wood which includes a wooden scooter.

wood scooter by Groovy

The studio is based in Tel Aviv and we are looking forward to posting many more of their creations.

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  2. Wow. Having just returned from the beach, where we did, indeed play with matkot, this is totally cool! Or should I say, groovy? (though the chair looks a bit heavy to lug to the beach)

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