Manuella Design Dolls Never Run Out of Steam

doodle-dolls-green-prophet.jpgWe stumbled onto Designist Dream last week “where art and design and the Holy Land meet,” after the missus in the house gave Green Prophet such a warm welcome to the blogosphere.

We’re already excited about some of the eco-relevant finds Designist Dream has dug up, and will be sure to report on some of them here and on TreeHugger in the near, near future.

For starters, we fell in love with Doodle Doll from Manuella Design (Merav Flam from Bezallel).

The dolls are not huggable because they are made from water-resistant paper, but we like how the toys can be decorated and colored with magic markers, washed and then colored again.

A great gift for the young-ins.

Those in the US don’t have to miss out on the fun, or the chance to support young Israeli designers. See i Design for US distribution.

::Manuella via
::Designist Dream

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