Recycled Furniture by Lebanon’s Niloufar Afnan


Long live the queen, if she can manage to sit on Niloufar Afnan’s recycled ‘Royal Stool’. At this year’s New Designers Exhibition in London, Lebanese-born designer Niloufar Afnan decided to poke a little fun at the royal family and demonstrate the possibilities of upcycled furniture.  She exhibited Royal Stool (pictured above) and 46 (shown after […]

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Sanserif Creatius Brings Recycled Cardboard Furniture to UAE


Thanks to a recent feature in Sadiyaty Magazine, residents of the UAE may soon be interested in recycled cardboard furniture. The latest issue of Sadiyaty Magazine, an Arabic publication on design trends and fashion, featured design team Sanserif Creatius’s cardboard Valentina throne chair – and no wonder.  The Spanish designers at Sanserif Creatius are enamored […]

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Paper Carton Furniture Is No Pulp Fiction


Paper pulp furniture is stronger than it looks. Bamboo has been praised for several years as the most sustainable material for furniture (due to its quickly renewable nature), with cardboard coming a close second due to its recycled and recyclable form.  At first thought cardboard may not sound very strong, but when you think about […]

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Michael Tsinovsky Puts Arabic Into Israel’s Melting Pot


Industrial designer Michael Tsinovsky brought together Israel’s many local styles in his ‘asli’ furniture design. When it comes to consumerism, local is almost always better for the environment and for the local economy.  Local is better when you’re buying produce at the farmer’s market, when you’re supporting local artisans and craftsmen, and when you’re purchasing […]

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Ezri Tarazi Manifests Israeli’s Conflict Identity With Recycled Design


Ezri Tarazi’s recycled design also draws important attention to how much conflict informs the Israeli identity. Any visitor to Jerusalem can attest to a palpable tension, an energy, if you will, that scrunches together hundreds of years of political and religious positioning. That same aura rises above almost every Israeli and Palestinian home. And it […]

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A Green Guide to Home Cleaning Products

Rebecca points out some essential and basic “green” cleaners for the house – for wood, the kitchen sink and even the toilet bowl. Cleaning out the house is not everyone’s favourite job, but with all the different products available on the supermarket shelves, it can also be an expensive one. Here are a few tips […]

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