Why Many Consider Composite Decking To Be Eco-Friendly

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A stunning appeal, easy-to-install nature, and impressively low maintenance cost are some benefits that stand composite decking out among other eco-friendly flooring materials. 

The reason many consider composite decking to be eco-friendly is not far-fetched. You will find out in this article why composite decking is facing increasing approval among homeowners. 

Is Composite Decking Eco-Friendly? 

Composite decking gives an eco-friendly nature at a time when climate change deserves attention.

Composite decking, right from its manufacturing process, is “green” and entails zero harmful elements. Its maintenance is equally eco-friendly and requires no extra demand.

What Is Composite Decking Made Of?  

Composite decking is made from recycled plastics and wood. Polyethene elements like grocery store bags, milk jugs, detergent containers etc., are compositions of composite decking. 

These recyclables are added to wood flour like lumber, doorframes, etc. This gives composite decking waste-free manufacturing with harmless elements. 

This process is one major reason many consider composite decking to be eco-friendly, and it doesn’t end there. 

Composite decking continues to offer safe decking even after years of installation. However, care and maintenance are essential in sustaining its appeal.

Why Do Many See Composite decking As Eco-Friendly?

Composite decking has several benefits that go in line with healthy and safe environmental goals. 


Regarding maintenance, composite decking does not require sealing, painting or any other preservative. 

Basic cleaning can do just right to keep your deck looking neat and attractive. However, we recommend that you clean spills or tough stains just as immediately as they happen, if possible. Leaving them unattended to overtime can cause disfiguration of the floor. 


Composite decking is composed of zero-toxic materials with a harmless manufacturing process. Unlike pressure-treated wood, composite decking is not coated or injected with chemicals to offer resistance to rot and other degrading environmental elements. 

This vital aspect makes it highly environmentally friendly flooring for the home.


Composite decks offer environmental friendliness all through their existence. Up to disposal, composite decking offers greenness all around. You can recycle composite decking if you don’t want to go through other stressful disposal methods. 

A hauling company would do that for a fee, and you’ll have your worn-out deck disposed of safely, with no harm to the environment. 

Is Composite Decking Worth It?

Yes. Composite fencing is a worthy investment in the long run. Below are some features that clear all doubt about its reliability and uniqueness;

• Typically offers between 15 to 20 years life span, lasting way more than wood. 

• Eco-friendly and resistive to severe weather.

• Very minimal maintenance cost.

• Thanks to its plastic feature, it is highly mould resistant, irrespective of how exposed to moisture it is. 

• It is lightweight and has a lock style, making boards easy to figure out for a successful DIY installation

• Diverse in style and appeal, providing a taste for every property owner. 

How Can I Keep Composite Decking Clean?

Right, composite decking has a low maintenance nature. However, you should create a basic maintenance routine to keep your deck looking intact and appealing. 

Avoid Stagnant Water

Composite decking can be very resistive to liquid, but extra care would help it uphold this feature to its highest possibility. We recommend you do everything possible to minimize the presence of standing water or other liquid on your deck. 

Regular Sweeps

Sweeping remains the easiest maintenance measure for composite decking. Sweeping regularly helps get rid of dirt and debris trapped between gaps. This can be more needed when its autumn and leaves fall around.

Cleaning With Soapy Water 

Where a basic sweep cannot get rid of dirt or stains from spills or shoes, a simple brush with soapy water can restore the floor’s state. Ensure you use a gentle scrub brush free from metal and gently scrub the affected surface. 

Rinse the spot after washing and clean away the remaining water with a mop. 

Composite decking is by far one of the most stress-free and eco-friendly installations for contemporary homes. From low maintenance demands to several resistance abilities and less installation requirements, you would agree that composite decking is worthy of considering for your decking project. 

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