Standing the Test of Time: How Brick is Used in Both Classic and Modern Designs

brick restoration in home design

Brick restoration in home design that lasts forever. That’s eco!

Design elements are always changing over the course of time. If you look back ten or twenty years ago at how we built and decorated your homes, you may cringe at our choices. What was in style then definitely is not in style now. 

However, there are some design elements that stay classic and stand the test of time. Bricks are one of these elements. They have been used for thousands of years – just look at ancient ruins in Europe and South America! And still, they are used today in some of the most modern and unique homes. 

With some updates and modernization, you can achieve a chic and beautiful home by using this classic design element. 

How to Incorporate Brick in Your Home

There are numerous ways to incorporate brick as a design element in your home. One of the most recent trends is an exposed brick wall in the home. Whether it’s in a hallway, the kitchen, or a bedroom, there is something so chic and unique about exposed brick. 

You can add brick to walkways leading up to your home, the exterior of your home, and even the chimney that sits on your roof. The options are endless! 

Color Changes Everything

When you think of bricks, you probably picture a rusted red color. While this look is classic, this isn’t your only option! 

You can change the color of your brick depending on the design you’re trying to achieve. With just a simple coat of paint or change of material, you can have blue-ish gray, white, black, and even tan-colored bricks to add to your home’s design. 

Right now, white bricks are trending, especially in kitchens. It gives a clean and modern look to virtually any room and should be taken advantage of. 

It’s All in the Detail

Just because you’ve decided to incorporate bricks into your home doesn’t mean you have to stick to the classic design of staggered bricks. Get creative with the details using smaller or uniquely sized bricks. 

Use them in arches, around windows, to create round fire pits, and whatever else you’re inspired to create to make your home more comfortable and stylish. 

A modern take on this classic design element requires attention to the details of the layout, placement, and their location. 

Get a Professional Opinion 

Bricks aren’t the easiest design element to work with, especially if you want to do it yourself. It’s best to get the opinion and helping hand of a professional brick mason to help you achieve a modern design with this classic structure. 

Not sure where to look? Brickworks Property Restoration is the most professional and skilled brick masons available. With careful consultations and excellent customer service, you’ll have everything you need to have a stylish and modern home using the forever classic brick design element. 

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