Advantages Of Turning Older Properties into Smart Office Buildings

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As far as smart technology is concerned, most people wrongly believe that it only applies to newly built properties. Though smart technology is certainly easier to incorporate into new constructions, it doesn’t mean that older office buildings shouldn’t also benefit from a modern upgrade. As office buildings are by far the largest consumers of energy, implementing cost-saving innovative technology is a must!

By following guidelines and investing the right amount of funding, even older buildings can benefit from being fitted with smart technology accoutrements.

The Advantages Of Transforming A Property Into A Smart Building

  1. Energy Conservation

Smart buildings have the ability to lower its energy consumption which directly translates into greater savings for property owners. By monitoring water usage, lighting, and HVAC system dependence, owners can gain insight as to where the most energy is used in a building. Additionally, aptly placed smart sensors can also detect problems within a smart building such as malfunctioning technology or broken appliances which can hasten repair services.

  1. Increase Productivity 

Any team working on or in a building can greatly benefit from the insights they can gather through the use of smart technology. For example, it’s easier to schedule board meetings and conferences in an office building when a person has direct access to the ongoing schedule of a room. This means more focus is easily placed on productivity and efficiency thanks to a greater dependence on smart technology.

  1. Better Indoor Environments

Office buildings can significantly improve the health and well-being of their employees by monitoring indoor air quality, room temperature, lighting, and ventilation systems. These all help manage the comfort levels of a building’s interior.

  1. Sustainability

Smart buildings are perhaps the most famous for being highly sustainable and environmentally-friendly. Due to the extensiveness of the global warming problem, we’re faced with, it’s no surprise that many people are wanting to do their part by living and working in more sustainable smart buildings.

Modern technology helps aid sustainability through the use of smart monitoring. That means that it is easy to track the energy consumption of an office building in a non-invasive manner while also conserving natural resources such as water. Smart buildings can even showcase the amount of power being used to charge electric cars, how many ebike spaces are left in an outdoor area and even the air quality and Co2 levels of the specific rooms of a building. Knowing how much a building requires in order to efficiently operate can help landlords prepare for a sustainable future ahead while also having a significant positive impact on our planet and leaving behind bad habits.

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