5 Tips for Starting an Eco-Friendly Moving Company


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Working with local movers in small vans powered by biodiesel or electric can make your move green.

It seems like the most trendy business models these days have something to do with eco-friendliness or sustainability. It entirely makes sense because the people are more aware of the problems with the environment, and they want to do everything that they can to be more eco-friendly.

Therefore, starting an eco-friendly moving company is a great idea. Most businesses need to have a unique selling point to make a name for themselves, but the eco-friendly thing can help. So, the rest of the things might include getting a Texas DOT number, trucks, equipment, and finding office space, among other things.

So, let’s get right into the details.

Create a Business Plan

Before you start doing anything, draft a business plan for your moving company. A clear plan can help you outline the goals and set a foundation that you can use later to properly allocate your resources and budget.

A plan should also include development, strategies, and solutions in case of problems. You should even think about eco-friendly practices that your company can adopt.

Look For an Office Space

While starting a company doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to have an office nowadays, having a professional space can be incredibly useful.

Some people prefer to talk to the company in person before they hire them. Having a company location also shows people that you are not running a scam. With an office, your customers can also look over the packaging and products you offer.

If you do decide to look around for an office space, you should make sure the location is easily accessible. Also, adopt as many eco-friendly office practices as you can. These could be going paper-free, finding ways to reduce electricity use, using organic cleaning products, and many more things.

Purchase a Truck and Equipment

The main parts of a moving company are the vehicles and the equipment that they have. These items need to be purchased initially and then charged to each job as overheads correctly to avoid losing money in the future.

Firstly, you should look into box trucks for your company. According to your budget and business, you can purchase new or used trucks. But make sure that the size of the truck will match the type of jobs you will be taking on.

Secondly, you need to look into equipment. You may require many pieces of equipment for every job, but not everything will be used everywhere. That is why you should go over the equipment moving companies purchase and find out what you need.

Offer a Range of Services

While providing moving services is your business’s heart and soul, it shouldn’t be the only thing. Moving companies make money by offering a lot more services.

If any of your customers wants to move to a different home, but they want to store their belongings for a few days before getting it to the final destination, you should provide storage space.

Similarly, suppose your clients are looking for packaging material and boxes. In that case, your company should be able to provide eco-friendly options that makes their move easier.

You can also provide your clients with a list of things that can make their move more eco-friendly to further show how seriously your brand takes the green initiative.

Look over the services moving companies generally provide, find out what your competitors offer, and also see if you can find the solutions to any other problems. You can then create a service list within your budget and get more business.

Get Insurance

Getting insurance for your cargo is necessary because your customers will hold you liable for any damages or losses to their personal belongings.

When talking to a customer, you should try to tell them that they need to pack everything properly before the move or allow your team to do it if you offer the services. You can also clarify to them that they should pay additional to get coverage for their items if they think anything can break during the move.

Other than that, you should get insurance for your trucks, office, drivers, and other things that the law requires you to get.

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