How a Green Space Can Affect the Way You Work


 An office of your dreams in the trees?

Going green doesn’t have to stop at your home. You can also do it at your workplace. We spend many hours at the office so why not make some eco-friendly changes here too? If you’re hesitating to take the leap, here are some ways that a green space can impact your work positively. 

  1. Increases Mindfulness 

Let’s face it. Work is not the most fun thing to do. A lot of people who don’t like their jobs are just on autopilot trying to get through the day so they can get paid. However, when you’re trying to go green, you’re more conscious of your actions. You have to ensure that what your choices are good for the environment whether it’s the coffee you buy every morning or the amount of paper you use at the photocopier. Because of this, you might be more present in your daily activities. Work can be dreadful some days but having a principle to live by everyday can make the blah days at work more tolerable. 

  1. Reduces Sick Days

It’s natural to want to be healthy when you shift towards a green lifestyle. You may choose to eat less meat and make your own lunch instead.  When making these meals, you may opt to use the produce you bought at the local farmer’s market instead of the grocery store. As a result of these choices, you develop a stronger immune system from your diet, making you less likely to get sick. Less sick days means you’re able to go to work and be at your best 

  1. Creates Accountability

Working in a green space means everyone is accountable for their actions. Let’s say that head office decides to do an interior overhaul and throw out all the existing furniture, employees can chime in and prevent such waste from happening. That breakroom Lovesac used to be a really trendy couch and though it’s old, it’s still in good condition so why throw it out? Or maybe Little decisions

  1. Creates a Sense of Pride

Whether you work in the mailroom or in the corner office, being green will create a sense of pride in you because you know you’ve made a difference in this world in your own small way. Now isn’t that enough motivation to go to work everyday?

  1. Enhanced Consumer Perception

More consumers are supporting green businesses. When you’re employed by a company that has sustainable initiatives, it’s not hard to feel proud of your workplace. Customers have a positive view of your workplace. And when you have happy customers, it’s easier to deal with their concerns. 

  1. Better Coworkers and New Talents

A company that goes green is able to attract and retain the best talents. Studies have shown that professionals prefer to work for companies that practice social responsibility. This means that you get to work with the best individuals in your field and you have more opportunities to learn from those who know more than you. 

Ways to Go Green In the Office

Now that you know about the benefits of going green in the office, here are some ways you can implement such a lifestyle. 

  • Switch off the lights and devices when not in use
  • Install a recycling bin
  • Only boil as much hot water as you need for coffee
  • Go paperless with work documents
  • Encourage the use of mugs, glasses, and dishes instead of disposables
  • Bring in indoor plants to help improve air quality and ambiance in the office
  • Use green cleaning products instead of those containing synthetic chemicals
  • Recycle used office supplies like computer equipment, paper, clips, etc.
  • Install a hand dryer instead of paper towels in the restroom

In what ways are you trying to be green in your workplace? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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