Secret gardens planted by Syrian refugees in Jordan


Mostly we hear stories of pain and tragedy from Syrian refugee camps. But the Za’atari Syrian refugee camp in Jordan, a place where Green Prophet’s Laurie Balbo is knitting together and flying hope, there are new sprigs of hope.

The non-profit organization Save the Children is teaching some of the camp’s 800,000 refugees how to garden. The group is giving the Syrian refugees who have fled their homes during the civil war in Syria to Jordan, lessons on landscaping and gardening.


“Gardening allowed them to make something with their hands, and gave them a sense of accomplishment. We have seen an incredible change in them,” said Mohammad Abu Farah, the gardening teacher from Save the Children.

Wardahâs niece plays with the families ducks

Scroll down to see all the inspiring photos taken from Save the Children. Giving people the tools to be self-sufficient is not only good for political refugees. One day in the not so distant future climate refugees may be also facing the same questions on how to be self-sufficient. Urban farming, hydroponics, aquaponics, and permaculture are great things every child needs to learn at school and apply on the home front, whether one is struggling for survival or is privileged to be able to buy food from the grocery store.

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One question though for Save the Children: there are winter rains to sustain the gardens in Jordan in the upcoming months. What will happen to the water-parched refugees come spring and summer when water from Jordan is limited? Will there be plans for irrigation, greywater reuse?

All images via Save the Children

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  1. Dian (Dina) Grossman Kjærgaard says:

    This is so uplifting. I wonder if things would have developed so positively if UNRWA had had responsibility for these refugees? Sorry to maybe sound a bit mean or bitter, but I have never heard anything nearly this inspiring about UNRWA camps for Palestine refugees in any country or area that UNRWA operates in.

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