Q-Fog’s Low-tech Misting Air Con to “Cool” Green Cyclists

Q-Fog, water conservation, motorcycles, Israel, cleantechIt gets hot in Israel, so two local entrepreneurs have invented a water-saving device called the Q-Fog to keeps cyclists cool. Pump a lever on the handlebars and presto – instant air con!

Cycling has become a mainstream sport in Israel, road cycling and mountain biking, and even city cycling on Tel Aviv’s TeloFan bike share program. But like we said, it gets hot. Really hot. The Q-Fog could solve the problem.

Q-Fog, water conservation, motorcycles, Israel, cleantech

Designed by Arik Bar-Erez and Kobi Rein, the Q-Fog is a portable, “environmentally friendly” mister that is mounted on any bike’s handlebars. Riders in the noon-day sun press on a lever much like a hand-brake to self-mist (or to create artificial sweat).

Below the mister is a small ABS plastic bottle filled with water (which comes at a premium in Israel) and needs to be conserved as much as possible.

With a mere push of the thumb or forefinger, the cyclist receives a pre-measured splash of water that is aimed at his or her torso. This can be repeated up to 300 times in a 2-3 hour period, says Bar-Erez.

Q-Fog, water conservation, motorcycles, Israel, cleantech

This simple device is basically a mister, and they’re having a hard time getting it financed, according to the Times of Israel, where we first read this cool news. Apparently angels only want to invest in “high tech” ventures.

(We noticed that Izhar Ganfi, the Israeli inventor of the cardboard bike has also turned to non-traditional platforms like crowdsourcing to try and secure funding to build his dream.)

“We shopped the idea around to investors here in Israel, but all the angels we met with – a substantial number – want to put their money into high-tech ventures only,” Bar-Erez told Times of Israel.

Despite receiving a positive reception at a recent outdoors trade show in Germany, the duo still didn’t walk away with the $70,000 they need to mass produce the Q-Fog.

q-fog qfog israel cycling mister

So they have turned to the crowd-funding site Indiegogo instead and funds are trickling in, though their confidence has yet to wane.

qfog cycling mister

“We know there’s a lot interest in this product,” said Bar-Erez. “All we need is the money to make some of them and start selling.”

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