Greenie Wants YOU to Become a Bicycle Courier in Tel Aviv

Ever dreamed about becoming a cycling courier?  Forget delivering the newspaper, Greenie is here to help. [image via: bandano!]

Tel Aviv is no stranger to cycling, and in fact it is even considered trendy.  During the summer months in particular, the iconic image of the young woman in a stylish summer dress and hipster-y sunglasses riding down Rothschild Boulevard on a beat up bike is considered pretty cool.  Now a new business initiative, Greenie, is helping Tel Avivians put their cycling to (not only trendy but also) eco-friendly and lucrative use.  Thanks to Greenie if you live in Tel Aviv, own a bike and know how to use it in this crazy city, you can make some extra cash as a bicycle courier.

In Greenie’s own words,

The tight urban mess of our country is ideal for carrying out deliveries with the use of a bicycle. But, for a multitude of reasons, the reality on the ground is dominated by large delivery companies that employ expensive, loud and polluting fleets of scooters. And an initiative to cut down on costs, better the environment and be less noisy isn’t seen anywhere. Isn’t that awful?

The idea is simple: Greenie wants to encourage cycling by building a simple online tool where couriers, businesses, and customers can all connect.  All it takes is four simple steps – sign up via Facebook, mark your geographic area and available hours, receive updates about other couriers and businesses working in the area, and, lastly, order or carry out deliveries!

Cycling couriers are not a foreign concept in Tel Aviv.  The Cicleta Sprint company offers courier services by bike messenger already.  And Buddha Burger, a vegan burger restaurant with two branches in Tel Aviv, makes all of its (delicious) deliveries by bike.  But this is the first initiative that allows the average Joe to become a cycling courier as well.

Greenie is only just starting out, and it will be interesting to see if the concept catches on in the booming city of Tel Aviv.

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