Great Guacamole With Israeli Avocados

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Israeli avocado season has arrived. Plump, green avocados are grown from the north of Israel down to Jaffa in the center, all the way to agricultural communities in the southern Negev, such as Neot Semadar. It is both a local favorite and a major national export. In 2010 the pear-shaped green fruit’s sales reached  one-third of all the fruit sold in Europe, according to a Wall Street Journal article dedicated to Israeli produce exporters Agrexco.

Here’s a seasonal recipe  for springtime in Israel, a guacamole that tastes like California:

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Ripe avocado

Garlic salt (We like a lot, but you don’t have to overdo it.)


A dash of salt


Some mayo for creaminess

Lemon juice

Chunks of white onion and tomato

A spoon or two of salsa if you want to add a spicy kick

Enjoy your Israeli guacamole!

Image of Israeli “Fruit of Israel” postage stamp and guacamole via Shutterstock

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2 thoughts on “Great Guacamole With Israeli Avocados”

  1. jj says:

    Apparently they’re only for the rich folk now being that they’re now priced at NIS 20.00 a kilo and not very plentiful in spite of them being *in season*.

  2. Mariette Eriksson says:

    Looks wery tasty out, i shall try

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